About the Artist




Reflected in some of my paintings is the sensuality of the Caribbean female, in others, I craft a combination of designs and colorful graphics. Incorporating buttons, beads, feathers in inimitable collages. The final pieces come to life with  dancers under the spell of music, allowing the viewer to create an intimate dialog with my pieces in a silent but very powerful way.

“Laugh, and enjoy life.... that’s my motto and that’s what my art stands for...JOY.

Movement, love, life and anything that makes you smile or even better...

laugh out loud!

Ask me what inspires these pieces, and I’ll simply tell you...I crave the response I get from YOU”

continually working on new materials, new projects and concentrating on bringing it to the forefront of life.

I hope you, as the spectator, enjoys the ride as much as I love bringing it to you....



Colombian Accordion -

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Rosario D'Rivera