Art Tiles

Colorful hand painted tiles!

something new, different and an accent to any home.

You can choose a color scheme if you don't see one here, quotes, sayings, words, names, horoscope signs,

anything you envision!

They make a GREAT gift...

one of a kind art piece. No two alike.

Display easel included

To order, email me at


Art Tile(4" x 4") w/Stand $20 w/quotes/sayings $25

Art Tile(6" x 6") w/Stand $30 w/quotes/sayings $35

Long Art Tile (8.5" x 4") w/Stand$30 w/quotes/sayings $35

Long Art Tile (13" x 4.5") w/Stand$40

w/quotes/sayings $45

Shipping costs vary • Pickup available

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